Top IT Skills to Master for a High Flying Career in 2020

Technology is revolving at a rapid speed today and a number of job opportunities are emerging in the industrial sectors. All it requires is to learn some of the technical skills so as to achieve bright career in the future. Thus, in this article, here are some of the technical skills that are in much demand today!

  • Data Science: Data science is an art that revolves around all types of data floating across the world. As a professional in data science career, you need to get hold of creating and designing certain data models and applications that can be used by the business enterprises so as to scale up their revenue. Some of the skills that will come in-hand with it are SAS, R programming, coding, SQL database and working with unstructured data. The average salary that goes for data science is up to 66 Lakhs.
  • Salesforce: Some of the best job available in this field are Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator. For both the job profiles, one needs to gain much command by learning Salesforce CRM. One could also gain much proficiency with the help of Salesforce training courses that can also make you fit for the high-profile jobs like Salesforce project manager or consultant. The average salary that goes for Salesforce is up to 72 Lakhs.
  • Oracle SOA: Oracle SOA is a comprehensive software that is used to build, deploy and manage SOA or Service Oriented Architectures. With a proper oracle SOA online training, one can gain knowledge so as to how to transform complex application integration with agile service industry. Also, by learning Oracle SOA, one can develop the skills for implemental SOA suite for working more efficiently.
  • Python: From the perspective of programming, Python training is the most required skill by the developers. Python is an easy and simple programming language that decreases the time of development by 50%. It supports all the significant features like reading of syntax, easy compilation, and libraries to support data analysis, visualization and manipulation. Thus, it has gained much reputation now. The average salary that goes for Python Developer is up to 89 Lakhs.
  • Artificial Intelligence: As now businesses are changing with AI. It is a broad concept that is designed to carry on the specific tasks in a smart manner. It reduces the manual effort with quality and quantity output. The average salary that goes for AI Professional is up to 80 Lakhs.

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