How to integrate Salesforce with MS office

Regardless of the type and size of your industry, customers are the most valuable assets of a company. They contribute a lot in deciding productivity and maintaining the reputation of a company. It is crucial for you to provide top-notch customer services to retain your customers. If you are seeking ways to enhance your business productivity, then you should think about investing in Office 365 and Salesforce integration. Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s suite of office products and services. It is specially tailored to facilitate office documentation, communication, and management tasks. 

It can efficiently handle your sales and marketing efforts by bringing all the departments of your company on a single platform. It creates a bridge and makes it easier for you to connect with your customers to offer outstanding customer experiences. If you are looking forward to implementing Office 365 and Salesforce in your organization, then it can turn out to be the best decision you can make for your company’s growth. 

Here, we are focusing on Salesforce Dynamo Office installation, configuration, and MS-Office integration and provide you the step by step how to do the same. 

SalesForce Integration with MS-Office(Dynamo office)
To make users more productive Salesforce is tightly integrated with popular Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. provides a convenient hosted application service. However, back-end reporting and integration with in-house applications is not possible without sophisticated Appexchange API programming.

How To Integration with MS-Office?
Go to the Appexchange web site and download the Dynamo office given below site.
You can also use directly Dynamo web site below given link.

On these two more options for MS-Power point or Microsoft Excel . just go given link and click on Microsoft word Install Now button.

Dynamo office

Once the downloaded setup is complete, then install on your machine.

Note: Make sure before installing Dynamo setup, install Ms-Office setup in your Machine

After Complete installation Dynamo set up in your machine after that open Ms-Office, you can find there one tab Dynamo for connecting SalesForce see below...

open ms office

After open Ms-Office then click on Dynamo tab there are many options create New template, Open file, Save the file, Save As file, search file, 
You can see account information, See Documentation information, help

Perform any operation firstly login with SalesForce mail id or password. 

Write anything in Ms-word document according to your need and click on SAVE

save as

You can also Open these Document file by using Dynamo. Click on Open TAB

open tab

How to Add New Template :
Click on Add Tab in Dynamo using Ms-office. see below...

open new

select object

Step 2: Select a test record for Account, if there is no click on the Next button.

test record

Step 3: Select log Activity Option, Then Click on Next button

log activity

Step 4: Select the Save option, then click the Next button.

save file
Step 5: Select a save location, Then click on Next button.

save location

Step 6: Select an Email option, Then click on Next button

email option

Step 7: Select Output format, then click on the Finish button

file output

After Finish all step's you can see template lock like, see below. Data Mapper, Tags, Appendices, Task pane, Logic, Forms, Run

finish dynamo

How to See Ms-office Document in 
Login your SalesForce Page, after a successful login click on All Tab icon, see below...

It is available on in menu bar right side...

new tab

After click on All Tab Icon, you can view All Tab, select Files folder. see below...

file save

After click on Files icon opens a new web page on this page you can see Ms-office file. see below...

all file

After clicking on the filename

document preview

Thanks for reading....hope you have learned a lot how to integrate with our document.

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