5 Top Things You Can Do With Salesforce

Are you wondering of what is Salesforce? Or what you can do with Salesforce? If this is what you’re thinking, then this article is for you.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that’s helping the businesses in connecting to their customers in ways they never have before – to drive exceptional customer experience. Well, this seems to be quite expressive. But for operating this, one needs to get into training mode.

Now days, you can even go for Salesforce online training so as to learn effectively and faster. So, here are some of the ways by which Salesforce is helping in bringing the companies and customers closer together.

Gain a single view of your customer: Now days, customers expects that the businesses should deliver personalized experiences across all the channels and departments. And obviously, all the businesses want to meet customers’ demands.

Thus, with Salesforce, the interaction between the customers and business is centralized which provides single view of the customer.

Generate new sales leads: Willing to generate more sales leads? With Salesforce, you can easily create targeted communications with your current customer group.

This will further help you in analyzing the current and past customer data. This means that you can easily identify and market to potential customers.

Meet customer expectations: The concept of AI would seem to be daunting but in reality, it’s much easier for the businesses to implement.

With the help of Salesforce, one can easily build up smarter and predictive user interface, so much as the businesses would know of service or sales before the customer even does.

Be guided through voice technology: Voice technology is now moving from the home to businesses. This technology was embedded into Amazon’s voice service Alexa and now it’s bringing powerful voice technology to CRM that is to Salesforce.

This voice technology is helping the service agents to spend much lesser time on identifying keywords from calls and transcripts and suggesting the next best action.

Building apps can be fast: By the custom-built apps, the businesses would be able to respond to the customer’s queries and demands much faster. Thus, with the help of Salesforce online training, businesses can easily build and deploy the low or no code apps with the need of expensive in-house developers.

This has already proved to be of much help to elevate the employee experience, raise productivity and create amazing experiences for customers.

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