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It is a master data management tool for financial and analytical view of data presentation from multi dimensional sources. This course covers the fundamental of Hyperion DRM and focuses on topics of hierarchy views, nodes, compare data with query building and more...Describe Data Relationship Management concepts and terminology, Navigate the information Relationship Management interface, Edit versions and hierarchies, Describe information Relationship Management design, produce information Relationship Management applications.

Duration : 20 hours
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  • Software Developers
  • Business Managers
  • Finance Managers

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Oracle Data Relationship Management DRM

Course summary:

In this course our experts will be going to teach, how to create Hierarchy Groups, XML Exports, Imports, Business cycle, master asset, versions, node. Including copy, run, export commands, deleting exports and more. After completion of course students have a deep understanding and confidence over concept. Its a 100% hands-on live training with real time professional expert, candidates work with various real-time scenario and application

Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management DRM Online Training Curriculum

Product Orientation

  • About Data Relationship Management
  • Data Relationship Management DRM Architecture
  • Implementation Process for Data Relationship Management Applications
  • Audiences for Data Relationship Management
  • Connecting to DRM Applications with Web Client
  • Navigating Web Client

Working with Versions and Hierarchies

  • Working with Versions
  • Creating, Copying, backing Up, and Restoring Versions
  • Version Variables
  • Working with Hierarchies
  • Creating, Opening, and Deleting Hierarchies
  • Implementation Considerations

Working with Nodes

  • Creating Nodes
  • Adding, Deleting, Removing, and Inserting Nodes
  • Viewing Orphan Nodes
  • Copying, Moving, and Ordering Nodes
  • Creating Shared Nodes
  • Viewing and Editing Properties
  • Domain Membership for Nodes
  • Implementation Considerations

Defining Properties

  • About Custom Properties
  • Configuring Defined Properties
  • Configuring List Values
  • Configuring Lookup Values
  • Configuring Inheriting Properties
  • Assigning Controlling Hierarchies to Global Inheriting Properties
  • Creating Property Categories
  • Loading Metadata with the Migration Utility

Importing Data

  • About Importing Data
  • Importing from Files
  • Importing from Database Tables
  • Opening, Copying, and Deleting Imports
  • Creating Imports
  • Running Imports

Querying and Comparing Data

  • Searching for Nodes
  • Creating Queries
  • Creating Compares
  • Working with Query and Compare Results

Updating Data with Action Scripts

  • About Action Scripts
  • Creating Flat Files for Action Scripts
  • Loading Action Scripts from Flat Files
  • Running Action Scripts and Reviewing Results
  • Downloading Action Script Results
  • Automating Version Changes with Action Scripts from Transaction Logs
  • Modeling Nodes by Using Action Scripts

Blending Versions

  • About Blending Versions
  • Opening, Copying, and Deleting Blenders
  • Creating Blenders
  • Running Blenders

Creating Derived Properties

  • About Derived Properties
  • Derived Properties Using Formulas
  • Formula Syntax
  • Creating Derived Properties Using Formulas
  • Testing Formulas
  • Derived Properties Using Scripts
  • Script Syntax
  • Creating Scripts

Validating Data

  • About Validations
  • Creating Validations
  • Validations Using Scripts
  • Assigning Validations to Versions, Hierarchies, and Nodes
  • Running Batch Validations
  • Attaching Batch Validation to Exports
  • Working with Batch Validation Results
  • Editing and Deleting Validations

Setting Up Node Types

  • About Node Types
  • Process for Setting Up Node Types
  • Creating, Editing, and Deleting Glyphs
  • Creating, Editing, and Deleting Node Types
  • Assigning Node Types to Nodes
  • Configuring Hierarchy Node Type Property Values
  • Troubleshooting Node Type Assignments

Exporting Data

  • About Exporting Data
  • About Export Types
  • Opening, Copying, and Deleting Exports
  • Creating Exports
  • Running Exports
  • Creating and Running Export Books

Managing Security

  • Security Levels
  • Managing User Security
  • Managing Access to Nodes
  • Interactive and Workflow Node Access Groups
  • Assigning Access to Property Categories
  • Assigning Access to Metadata Objects
  • Granting Anonymous Access

Configuring Governance Workflows

  • About Data Governance
  • Governance Workflow Objects
  • Workflow Tasks
  • Workflow Models
  • Working wih Requests
  • Navigating the Worklist
  • Request Lifecycle
  • Alerts and Notifications

Analyzing Data Changes

  • Querying and Viewing Transaction History
  • Downloading Transaction History
  • Analyzing Data Changes
  • Creating As-Of Versions

Class Delivery 

  • Live Interactive classes with expert

Delivery Methodology
We are using an experiential delivering methodology that blends theoretical concepts with hands-on practical learning to ensure a holistic understanding of the subject or course.

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Benefits of Certificate

Certification demonstrates your dedication, motivation and technical knowledge on a specific platform. Having a certification shows that you not only possess comprehensive knowledge of that technology but you also care enough about your own career to spend the time and money to get the certification.

We are welcoming our Students or professionals to participate in our professional online courses. We are offering great variety of online training programs and professional courses that you can always find as desired. After the completion of training program they will receive a certificate from BISP. As a Certified professional you can apply that knowledge in your future profession and enjoy with better salaries & career prospects.

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