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Oracle released Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS), a planning and budgeting solution with powerful reporting capabilities for enterprise level customers. EPBCS is the most recent cloud-based release of their Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform for customers whose road maps include transitioning to the cloud in order to eliminate hardware and software requirements and reduce their overall cost of owning software. Enterprise companies are aggressively adopting cloud solutions as a means to retain their competitive advantage and increase profitability.

Duration : 30 hours
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Candidate should have knowledge on Essbase

Fee: 498

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PBCS and EPBCS Training

Fundamentals of Planning and Budgeting

Different Budget Approaches:


  • Zero-Based Budgeting
  • Top-Down
  • Bottom-Up
  • Rolling / Continuous
  • Flexible Budgets

Planning and Budgeting Cloud

  • Creating an Application
  • Setting Up Access Permissions
  • Managing Applications
  • Editing Dimensions in the Simplified Dimension Editor
  • Designing Custom Navigation Flows
  • Designing Dashboards
  • Managing Sandboxes
  • Managing Jobs
  • Defining Valid Intersections
  • Defining Data Maps
  • Using the Member Selector
  • Managing Data Validation
  • Managing Application Settings
  • Managing Application Databases.

EPM Automate Utility.


Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud


  • Welcome to Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud
  • Setting Up Your Application
  • Setting up Strategic Modelling
  • Familiarizing Yourself With Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud
  • Configuring Workforce
  • Configuring Projects
  • Configuring Capital
  • Configuring Strategic Modelling

Calculation Manager


  • Overview of Calculation Manager
  • Designing Business Rules
  • Designing Business Rule Sets
  • Working with System Templates
  • Working with Custom Templates
  • Using Components to Design Business Rules and Templates
  • Using Aggregate Storage Components to Design Business Rules

Use Case

Use Case 1


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