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Introduction to ERP & SAP
  • Need to an ERP package in Enterprises
  • Differences Versions of SAP
  • Advantages with SAP
  • Role of different consultants in SAP Environment

Architecture of SAP R/3

  • SAP System Landscape
  • The R/3 Architecture
  • Different releases in SAP
  • Different servers that you see in Realtime
  • Realtime System Directory Structures
  • Server & Work process Maintenance
  • Role of Dispatcher, and message service
  • Role of a Workprocess and different types
  • Transaction execution model
  • Role of SAP MMC, SAP GUI
  • Server start/stop procedures in Unix/Windows
  • Different Screen elements of Easy Access screen
  • Basic transaction codes

R/3 SAP Installation

  • Server sizing calculating SAPS
  • SAP PAM understanding and overview
  • Introduction to SAP Implementation
  • Different types of implementation topologies
  • Overview of Central system, Distributed, and High Availability installations
  • Packages required for installation
  • Typical and custom installation
  • SWPM understanding
  • Installation directory and important installation files
  • Trouble shooting installation errors
  • NWDifferent Stages in Implementation

Daily Health Checks

  • Check of Active Application Servers
  • Check for Work Process Status for all App Servers
  • Check for System logs
  • Check for ABAP Dumps
  • Check for Lock Entires
  • Check for Background Job Status
  • Daily Health Checks
  • Check for Database Growth
  • Check for status of Db related Periodic jobs as per the DB Calender
  • Check for Logon Load Balancing
  • Check SAP System Performance or Avg Response Time
  • Check for Logged on Users
  • Check for Updates
  • Checking the user own jobs

Advance Transport Methodology

  • Configuring Transport Management System
  • Terminologies used in STMS.
  • Backup Domain Controller
  • Transport Routes
  • Creation of Transport Layers
  • Various TP Options
  • Authorization Objects involved in Transport Process
  • Different types of Changes requests
  • Releasing and transporting change requests Prepared

Support Packs & Kernel Upgrades

  • Importing SP from Market Place
  • Applying Support packages
  • Checking Pre-requisites before applying SP
  • Importance of Transport Dir. in applying SP.
  • Troubleshooting various issues
  • Support Packs & Kernel Upgrades
  • Applying Plugin / Add-ons
  • Installing Support packages
  • SPAM/SAINT upgrade
  • Applying Stack
  • Kernel Upgrades
  • Pre-Requisites Before Post & Pre Kernel Upgrades
  • TP Upgrades

Security (User & Role Administration)

  • User Administration
  • The concept of Roles & Profiles
  • Introduction to Profile Generator
  • Working with Authorization objects
  • Working with Multiple user options.
  • Security (User & Role Administration)
  • Mass User Creation
  • Mass Role Generation
  • Mass User Locking & Unlocking
  • Derived & Parent role Concepts.
  • SU53 Analysis
  • Running &AnalysingTrace
  • Insight into Various 3rd party Security Tools

Spool Administration

  • Introduction to SAP Spool system
  • Working with Spool Administration options
  • Creating new printers, settings
  • Creating and working with spool servers
  • Working with rollover and load balancing servers
  • Troubleshooting spool related issues

SAP Admin for Oracle Database

  • Introduction to Oracle DB Architecture
  • Introduction to sapdba/brtools
  • Database Space Management
  • Procedure for Increase extent value for index partition
  • Reorganization of Table Space using SAP DBA/BRTOOLS
  • Use of BR* Tools
  • Performing Regular Backups
  • Checking the user own jobs
  • Table space management
  • Datafile management
  • Important profiles of Oracle database
  • Users and groups in Oracle database
  • File structure in SAP Oracle database
  • Important database background jobs.
  • Important trace files and their locations
  • SAP DATAFILE structure
  • Trouble shooting database issues
  • System copy using database /restore method.

Advance Client Administration

  • Transporting the Objects within and Between 2 Systems. (2hrs)
  • Trouble Shooting & Logs

Client Administration

  • Introduction to client Copy
  • Client Creation & Deletion
  • Local & Remote Client Copy
  • Client Export and Import
  • Working with Client Logs
  • Client Administration
  • Various client Profiles & Authorizations
  • Copying Clients within the sytems
  • Copying Clients between the systems
  • Transporting clients between systems
  • Error Handling

CCMS Administration

  • Introduction
  • Checking alerts
  • Configuring mail alert
  • SMTP Configuration

Profile Administration

Operation modes Administration

Back Ground Job Administration

  • Overview of Background Jobs
  • Creating a background Job
  • Using Background Wizard
  • Analysisng BG logs
  • Working with background job options
  • BackGround Job Adminsitration
  • Standard Background Jobs
  • Suspend & Restart all the Scheduled BG Jobs
  • How to stop released BG Job
  • Analysisng BG logs
  • Working with background job options

Performance & Troubleshooting

CCMS Administration

  • Introduction
  • Checking alerts
  • Configuring mail alert
  • SMTP Configuration
  • Performance Analysis @ OS ,SAP application and Database level

Memory Management

  • Types of Memory
  • Memory allocation sequence
  • Important memory parmeters
  • Troubleshooting memory problems
  • Types of Buffers

Top 10 Problems

Performance & Troubleshooting

Performing Regular Backups

  • Monitoring the Backup
  • Trouble Shooting Backup Failures
  • Procedure for Increase extent value for index partition
  • Reorganization of Table Space using SAP DBA
  • Use of BR* Tools

Real-time Tickets & Solutions

Oss Notes Applications

SSO(Single Sign On)

Various Ticketing Tools

Insight into CUA

Various 3rd party Backup Tools

SAP Router & RFC


  • Java architecture
  • Introduction to NetWeaver and EP systems
  • Java system administration overview
  • Important java system directories
  • Using JSPM
  • UME engine
  • Important java kernel exes
  • Java components upgrade
  • Netweaver Components

Introduction to Solution Manager

  • Overview of Solution manager configuration
  • Mopez configuration
  • SAP stack generation

OS & DB migration over view

  • SYSTEM copy over view
  • Doing a system copy on oracle


  • SAP EHP Upgrade over view
  • SAP Version upgrade over view

Realtime FAQs and Solutions

Insight into Resume Preparation

Mock Interviews

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