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Organizational Structure
  • Introduction to ERP/SAP

General Ledger
  • Create Chart of Account
  • Create Chart of Account (COA) Group
  • Create Retained Earnings Account
  • Brief about Finance Global settings
  • Create G/L Account master data
  • Posting document to General Ledger
  • Blocking Or Deleting GL Accounts
  • Display Changes To GL Accounts
  • Create Financial Statement Version
  • How to perform a Journal Entry Posting
  • Document Type And Number Ranges
  • Post With Reference
  • Park Document
  • Sample document
  • Accrual Deferral documents
  • Clearing GL account Balance

Accounts Payable (Vendor Transaction)
  • How To Create a Vendor Account Group
  • How to Create a Vendor
  • How to Display Changes in Vendor Master
  • How to Block or Delete a Vendor
  • Create Vendor Master Data
  • One Time Vendor
  • Purchase Invoice Posting
  • Purchases Returns – Credit Memo
  • Outgoing Payments
  • Foreign Currency Vendor Invoice
  • How to Post Withholding Tax during Vendor Invoice Posting
  • How to Post Withholding Tax During Payment Posting
  • Outgoing Partial Payments By Residual Method
  • Outgoing Partial Payments By Partial Payment Method
  • Reset AP Cleared Items
  • Automatic Payment Run

Accounts Receivable (Customer Transaction)
  • Create Customer Account Group
  • Create a Customer Master Data
  • Change Customer Documents
  • How to Display Changes in Customer Master
  • How to Block or Delete a Customer
  • One Time Customer
  • How to post a Sales Invoice
  • Document Reversal
  • Sales Returns – Credit Memo/Debit Memo
  • How to Post Incoming Payment
  • How to post a Foreign Currency Invoice
  • Incoming Partial Payments By Residual Method
  • Incoming Partial Payments By Partial Payment Method
  • How to Reset AR Cleared Items

Asset accounting
  • Copy reference chart of depreciation/ depreciation area
  • Specify description of chart of depreciation
  • Copy/delete chart of depreciation
  • Assign input tax indicator for non taxable acquisition
  • Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code
  • Specify Account Determination
  • Create Screen Layout Rules
  • Define Number Range Intervals
  • Define Asset Classes
  • Assign G/L accounts
  • Specify Document Types for posting of Depreciation
  • Specify Posting Keys for asset postings
  • Specify Intervals and Posting Rules
  • Determine Depreciation area in the Asset Class
  • Create Asset
  • External Acquisition with Vendor
  • Asset Explorer
  • Run Depreciation
  • Asset Explorer
  • Display/Change Item (New)
  • Retirement with Customer
  • Asset Explorer
  • Display/Change Item (New)
  • Asset sales


  • Create Cost Element
  • Post to a Cost Element

Cost Center
  • Create Cost Center
  • Post to a Cost Center

Must know!
  • Month End Closing
  • Important Tables in FI/CO Module
  • Dunning and APP
  • Overview of Asset Under Construction (AUC)
  • How to Maintain Exchange Rates
  • Validation and Substitutions
  • LSMW Functionality

  • FI to MM
  • FI to SD

ECC 6 0 new features
  • New GL accounting (parallel ledgers )
  • Document splitting
  • Segment reporting
  • Reports
  • Foreign currency transaction
  • Foreign Currency Revaluation

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