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SAP ABAP online Training ....

ERP Introduction: ERP and Related Technologies

  • SAP Introduction: Functional and Technical Overview & Opportunities in SAP
  • Architecture of the R/3 System
  • Advantage of Three Year
  • Architecture
  • Two-Tier Vs Three-Tier
  • SOA

Introduction to ABAP/4

  • Role of ABAP Consultant
  • Logon Procedure
  • Database Tables
  • Data Types, Data Objects
  • ABAP Development Workbench

ABAP Dictionary

  • Domains
  • Data Elements
  • Database Tables, Structures, table types, Type group.
  • Views: Database View, Projection View, Help View, Maintenance View
  • Search Help: Elementary and Collective

ABAP Programming

  • Standard ABAP data types
  • Declarative Key Words
  • System Fields
  • Text Elements
  • ABAP Editor Introduction
  • Conditional & Looping Statements
  • String Handling
  • WRITE Statement Special Techniques
  • Field Strings (Structures), Nested-Structures
  • Type-Pools, Report to Report-Communication

Internal tables

  • Classification of With and Without header internal tables
  • Types of internal tables
  • Creation of Internal Tables
  • Operations ( (Append/Insert/Modify/Delete)
  • Looping and reading internal tables
  • Control Break Statements


  • Open SQL in depth
  • Native SQL overview

ABAP Runtime Tools

  • Debugging Breakpoint, Watch point, Runtime Analysis, SQL Trace

Messages(Static / Dynamic)

Selection Screen Design

  • Select - Options, Parameters
  • Variants
  • Modifying Selection Screens


  • Classical Reports and events
  • Classical Interactive Reports and events

Modularization Techniques

  • Includes
  • Subroutines
  • Function Modules

ABAP List Viewer

  • Basic list and Grid list
  • ALV using FM
  • ALV interactive using FM

Module pool programming

  • Screen Painter: Layout designing, Flow Logic
  • Menu Painter: Menu bar designing and Navigation
  • Table Control
  • Tab strip Control

Batch Data Communication

  • Call Transaction Method
  • Session Method

Enhancement Frame Work

SAP Forms(Scripts/ Smartforms)

  • Copying the Standard Script
  • Enhancement
  • Layout Set Designing, Importing the Logo, Control commands, and Print Program
  • Smartforms Design
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