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About Course:

Tableau certification master program will let you gain proficiency in Tableau desktop and server. You will on work on real world projects in Tableau desktop, server tools, dashboard, web interface, R connectivity, publishing, data aggregation and blending.

Duration : 30 hours

Fee: 319

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Who Should Learn?

Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Professionals, Testing Professionals Statisticians, Business Analysts, Project Managers Data Visual Analysts Functional Experts Graduates and Professionals looking to move to analytics domain


Tableau really has no prerequisites in a general sense. As a Business Intelligence tool, Tableau focuses on building data visualizations

Delivery Methodology

We are using an experiential delivering methodology that blends theoretical concepts with hands-on practical learning to ensure a holistic understanding of the subject or course.

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Live Interactive classes with expert

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Tableau Data Discovery

Topics to be covered

  1. Introduction
  • Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
  • Introduction to different Tableau components.
  • Tableau data processing engine and how it internally works
  • Installing Tableau Desktop


  1. Connecting to Data
  • Creating a Data Connection
  • Understanding Live and Extract connection
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Using Show Me!
  • Tour of Shelves
  • Building Basic Views
  • Saving a Data Source, Sharing a Data Source on the server.
  • Saving and sharing your work
  • Understanding Changes to Data
  • Other Data Connection Options in Tableau. 


  1. Working with Single Data Sources
  • Desktop Data Architecture
  • Using Data Extracts
  • Custom SQL Data Connection


  1. Using Multiple Data Sources
  • All About Joins
  • Using Data Blending


  1. Organizing your Data
  • Using Groups
  • Creating and Using Hierarchies
  • Creating a Combined Field
  • Using Sets


  1. Using Multiple Measures on the Same Axis
  • Comparing Views with Multiple Measures
  • Using Measure Values and Measure Names
  • Combo Charts
  • Combined or Shared Axis Charts
  • Creating Dual Axis Charts


  1. Using Parameters for Dynamic Values
  • Customizing your Data
  • Calculation Types
  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Using Logic Statements
  • Type Conversions and Date Calculations
  • Using Quick Table Calculations
  • Calculations and Aggregations


  1. Slicing your Data by Date
  • Working with Dates
  • Using Discrete Date Parts
  • Creating Date Filters
  • Defining a Fiscal Year
  • Creating Custom Dates


  1. Data Sources, Extracts, Schedules, and Subscriptions
  • Creating, Publishing, and Connecting to a Data Source
  • Data Engine and File Store
  • Creating and Publishing Extracts
  • Backgrounder
  • Schedules
  • Subscriptions


  1. Data Security
  • Controlling What Users Can See 
  • User Filters


  1. Viewing Distributions
  • Bins and Histograms
  1. Using Calculations in Tableau
  • Creating and Editing Calculated Fields
  • Calculations Performed on the Database
  • Calculations and Aggregations
  • Aggregating Dimensions in Calculations
  • Record Level Calculations for Date Conversion


  1. Advanced Table Calculations
  • Table Calculation Scope and Direction
  • Null Values in Table Calculations
  • Table Calculations for Statistical Analysis


  1. Creating and Using Parameters
  • Using Parameters and Reference Lines
  • Using Parameters with Filters


  1. Comparing Measures Against a Goal
  • Showing Total Progress Toward a Goal (Bar in Bar Graph)
  • Showing Staged Progress Toward a Goal (Bullet Graph)
  • Showing the Biggest and the Smallest Values


  1. Tableau Geocoding
  • How Tableau Performs Automatic Geocoding of Data
  • Modifying Geocode Locations within Tableau
  • Custom Geocoding


  1. Advanced Mapping
  • Dual Axis Maps
  • Mapping Paths
  • Using Background Images for Spatial Analysis


  1. Showing Distributions of Data
  • Creating a Pareto Chart
  • Box and Whisker Plots
  • Reference Distributions


  1. Statistics and Forecasting
  • Trend Lines
  • Forecasting


  1. Dashboards: Quick Filters, Actions, and Parameters
  • Comparing Quick Filters, Actions, and Parameters
  • Highlight Actions
  • Filter Actions
  • URL Actions


  1. Dashboard Best Practices
  • Sizing
  • Using Instructions
  • Dashboard Formatting


  1. Overview of Additional Visualizations
  • Gantt Bar Chart
  • Sparkline
  • Waterfall Charts
  • Pie Charts and Parts of the Whole
  • Creating Tree Map


Use Case


Benefits of Certificate

Certification demonstrates your dedication, motivation and technical knowledge on a specific platform. Having a certification shows that you not only possess comprehensive knowledge of that technology but you also care enough about your own career to spend the time and money to get the certification.

We are welcoming our Students or professionals to participate in our professional online courses. We are offering great variety of online training programs and professional courses that you can always find as desired. After the completion of training program they will receive a certificate from BISP. As a Certified professional you can apply that knowledge in your future profession and enjoy with better salaries & career prospects.

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