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Microsoft Dynamics GP is a solution for organizations helping to maintain the financials, human resources, business intelligence & inventory along with its operation. Its pulls all relevant data at one click on the screen needed for making decisive moves en-route to efficient organizational operation. A trained professional on this software takes a predominant role in any organization running professionally which experiences high growth rate

Duration : 30 hours

Fee: 319

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Any Graduate

This certification training course does not presume or require any prior knowledge or prerequisites. However, basic knowledge of salesforce concepts be an added advantageous. We are recommending that students should have following: To be an administrative professional Should possess clear knowledge and grasp of salesforce concepts knowledge on SQL, HTML and JavaScript should be an added advantage

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We are using an experiential delivering methodology that blends theoretical concepts with hands-on practical learning to ensure a holistic understanding of the subject or course.
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MS Dynamics GP

Module 1: System Requirements and SQL Server Installation
This module outlines the recommendations and the requirements that you must have to install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express for use with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Additionally, this module covers tips for optimizing the system in preparation for the installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. This includes network requirements and server configuration.



  • Microsoft Dynamics GP System Requirements
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Installation and Configuration
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Installation and Configuration
  • SQL Server 2012 Books Online


After completing this module, students will be able to :

Identify the requirements and prerequisites for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Install Microsoft SQL Server
Install Microsoft SQL Server Express

Module 2: Data Server Installation and Utilities :This module explains how to select the location and features that will be installed to meet the organization�s specific requirements


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Installation
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities - Basic Installation
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities - Advanced Installation
  • SQL Server Changes After System Database Initialization
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities - Additional Tasks
  • Troubleshoot Errors

Lab : Install Microsoft Dynamics GPLab : Run Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities

After completing this module, students will be able to :

Install Microsoft Dynamics GP
Use Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities to configure an installation
Verify database initialization processes
Troubleshoot errors

Module 3: Desktop Client Installation, Components and MaintenanceThis module explains how to complete an installation for a desktop client. It also discusses how to create an installation package, to install other desktop clients and provides background on key components and features that are available in Microsoft Dynamics GP to maintain the application for end users.


  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Desktop Client Prerequisites, Requirements and Installation
  • Client Installation Package
  • Service Packs and Automatic Updates
  • Installation Components and Files
  • Identity Columns
  • Stored Procedures

Lab : Create a Client Installation Package

After completing this module, students will be able to :

Identify the hardware and software requirements for a Microsoft Dynamics GP desktop client
Install Microsoft Dynamics GP on a desktop client
Create an Installation Package
Understand the role of service packs, automatic updates, identity columns and stored procedures have in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Module 4: Web Client Installation and ComponentsThis module describes the process that used is to install Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client. The module also discusses the prerequisites and the requirements for an installation


  • Web Client Installation and Components
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client Installation
  • Navigation Comparison
  • Troubleshooting the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client

After completing this module, students will be able to :

Identify the prerequisites and requirements for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client
Understand the components, infrastructure requirements, and user interface used by the Microsoft Dynamics GP web client
Become familiar with troubleshooting steps that can help address issues that can occur when using the web client

Module 5: System ManagerThis module discusses the setup of system and company settings such as home page, users, passwords, user security and preferences necessary when setting up Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • Home Page
  • System Setup
  • Security
  • Advanced Financial Analysis Reports Security
  • User Activity and Preferences
  • Company Setup

Lab : User Setup, Company Access and Security

  • Set up a New User
  • Grant User Access and Assign a Security Role
  • Test New User Access and Security

After completing this module, students will be able to :

View and Edit Home Page components
Create or modify system passwords
Register Microsoft Dynamics GP
Specify User Preferences
Edit the Dynamics.set Launch File
Create Users and define Security for them
Set up Company Information

Module 6: Post Installation AdministrationThis module explains the administrative tasks that are necessary after installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP to help ensure consistency and maintain performance of the system. It introduces the tools that are used to perform these tasks.


  • Database Options
  • Database Backup Procedures
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP - SQL Maintenance
  • Drop and Create Auto Procedures
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Database Maintenance Utility
  • SQL Database Maintenance (DBCC)
  • Use the Microsoft SQL Server Maintenance Plan Wizard
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Maintenance Procedures

Lab : Back Up Database

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Configure database options and back up Microsoft Dynamics GP databases
Use SQL database maintenance procedures to maintain Microsoft Dynamics GP databases
Use the Microsoft Dynamics GP Database Maintenance Utilities to maintain data

Module 7: Optimize Performance and Troubleshooting
This module discusses how to monitor performance and troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft SQL Server. It also includes considerations for when you use the Microsoft Windows Server operating systems.


  • Windows Server Considerations
  • SQL Server Configuration
  • Optimize a SQL Relational Database
  • Analyze Network and Microsoft SQL Server Performance
  • Optimization Summary
  • Troubleshooting - Identify the Issue
  • Troubleshooting - Types of Issues and Resolution Sources
  • Troubleshooting - Tools
  • Batch Recovery Process

Lab : Microsoft SQL Server Memory OptionsLab : Using Microsoft SQL ProfilerLab : Create a Dexsql.log

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Apply the recommended settings for Microsoft Windows Server
Use Windows Performance Monitor to analyze and troubleshoot system bottlenecks
Optimize a SQL Relational Database
Identify, categorize and troubleshoot technical issues in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Recover an interrupted posting process in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Module 8: Process Server
This module covers the benefits of using the Process Server to increase performance and by using its functions to control, track, and report on remote processing.


  • Overview
  • System Requirements
  • Set Up Process Server
  • Designate the Output Report Location
  • Process Monitor
  • Process Server Log

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Identify Process Server requirements and considerations
Set up and configure a Process Server
Modify the location of process server reports

Module 9: ReportingThis module provides information on the available reporting options in Microsoft Dynamics GP and what is needed from an installation and setup prospective to use these different reporting options.


  • Report Writer - Manage Reports and Report Security
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Analyzer
  • Microsoft Office Excel Reports Deployment and Configuration
  • Microsoft Word Templates - Configuration and Maintenance
  • Distribute Reports by Email
  • Report Scheduler
  • Management Reporter 2012 Installation and Cofiguration

Lab : Create a Modified ReportLab : Create a Custom ReportLab : Deploy Excel Reports

  • Deploy the Excel Reports
  • Review Deployment Results

Lab : Schedule a Report

  • Configure Report Name
  • Set Report to Publish Daily

After completing this module, students will be able to:

Explain and describe the types of reports that can be created in Report Writer
Explain how to use the Report Builder
Explain the Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Analyzer
Deploy and manage Microsoft Excel Reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Configure Microsoft Office Word Templates for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Configure email distribution of reports
Configure Report Scheduler
Understand the installation process for Management Reporter

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