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Python Data Analysis

Data Analysis using Python

Module 1: Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python

Installation and Configuration Python

Custom Environment Settings

IPython Notebooks

Module 2 : Using Python to Control and Document Your Data Science Processes

Basic objects in Python

Variables and self-defining functions

Control flow

Reading and Writing Data

Simple Plotting

Module 3:
Accessing and Preparing Data

Loading from CSV Files

Accessing from SQL Database

Accessing From Online Cloud Database

Cleansing data with Python

Normalizing data

Formatting data

Module 4:
Numpy Essentials

The NumPy array

2D plotting with Matplotlib

N-dimensional array operations and manipulations

Module 5:
Exploring data with Pandas and scipy.stats

Data manipulation with Pandas

Statistical analysis with Pandas

Time series analysis with Pandas

Overview of statistical tools in scipy.stats

Module 6:
3D/Advance visualization

Creating 3D Bars

Creating 3D Histograms

Animation in matplotlib

Plotting with Images

Plotting data on a Google Map using API

Module 7:
Packing and Distributing package/Solution

Case Studies

1. Analyzing Financial Data and Creating CFO Dashboard

2. Build Global HR Analytical Model

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