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Python Advanced| Job Support | BISP Trainings Introduction: Features of Python
  • Installation
  • Python Interpreter
  • Basic Syntax
  • Operators

Working with Data

  • Tuples, Lists, Dictionaries, and Sets.
  • NumPy arrays.
  • Object model including variables, reference counting, copying.
  • Processing primitives.

Program Organization and Functions

  • Design function
  • Scoping rules

Modules and Libraries

  • Organizing programs into modules
  • Using Modules to create extensible programs.
  • Commonly used library modules including those related to system administration, text processing, sub processes, XML parsing, binary data handling, and databases.

Classes and Objects

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming.
  • Create new objects, overload operators, and utilize Python special methods.
  • Inheritance and composition.

Inside the Python Object System

  • Detailed look into how objects are implemented in Python.
  • Object representation
  • Attribute binding
  • Inheritance, memory management
  • Classes properties
  • Classes slots, and private attributes.

Testing, Debugging, and Software Development Practice.

  • Important to Python software development.
  • Program testing using both the doctest and unittest modules
  • Use of assertions.
  • The Python debugger and profiler

Iterators and Generators

  • Iteration protocol and iterable objects,
  • Data processing pipelines
  • Processing large datafiles, handling infinite data streams.

The role of Python in BIG Data Analysis

The role of Python in financial calculation and analysis

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