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Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud is a comprehensive global tax provision solution for multi-national companies reporting under GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) or IFRS (International Finance Reporting Standards). The solution encompasses all stages of the corporate tax provision process, including tax automation, data collection, tax provision calculation, return-to-accrual automation, tax reporting and analysis, and Country by Country (CbCR) reporting.

Duration : 25 hours

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Tax Reporting Cloud Service (TRCS)

Tax Reporting Cloud Service (TRCS)

Tax Reporting Cloud Service Overview

  • Describe the TRCS Process
  • Describe TRCS related components

Creating a TRCS Application

  • Describe the workflow for creating TRCS application
  • Create  TRCS application
  • Explain application features available to be enabled
  • Design application framework (metadata and user-defined elements)
  • Design and implement importing and exporting metadata
  • Design and implement importing and exporting data

Consolidation Module - Dimensions

  • Explain system dimensions and pre-seeded members including requirements and restrictions 
  • Jurisdiction Dimension
  • Explain Consolidation dimension
  • Explain the Currency dimension
  • Design and set up Entity dimension
  • Design and set up Intercompany dimension
  • Design GAAP and IFRS financial reporting using Multi-GAAP dimension

TRCS - Working With Tax Automation

  • Adding Tax Automation Rules to Data Source Dimension
  • Running Regional Tax Automation
  • Running National Tax Automation
  • Creating Tax Automation Using Multiple Rule Combinations 

Working with RTA Automation

  • Working with RTA (Return to Accrual)
  • Applying Prior Year Rate on RTA Amounts

Working with CbCR Automation

  • Setting Up CbCR Automation
  • Adding Rules for CbCR Automation
  • Running the CbCR Automation Migration

Managing the Approval Process

  • Enabling Approvals 26-2  26-2 Approval Unit Promotional Path
  • Starting the Approval Process
  • Approval Unit Promotional Path

Data Management

  • Describe use cases for Data Management
  • Perform administration tasks: predefine system setting profiles, set up source systems, register target applications, set up drill through
  • Set up definitions for import format, locations, period mappings, category mappings
  • Perform loading data tasks: create member mappings, define data load rules, run or schedule data load rules

Financial Close Manager Module

  • Set up the close process
  • Manage task types and templates
  • Manage close schedules

Oracle EPM Cloud Foundation

  • Set up and configure Cloud security
  • Perform system maintenance
  • Build EPM Cloud automation routines - Job Scheduler, EPM Automate

Supplemental Data Module

  • Create data sets and dimension attributes

Using Smart View

  • Explain user tasks in Smart View
  • Analyze data using ad hoc and Smart Forms

Enterprise reporting using TRCS

  • Design reports using Reporting Web Studio
  • Previewing Reports
  • Setting Preferences, Card, Cluster & Infolet
  • Printing Reports and Snapshots



Use Case

Use Case 1


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