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About Course:

This instructional class will give you a top to bottom comprehension on HP ALM, its method for use, venture following and arranging, and different tabs in ALM, for example, Management, Test Plan, Test Lab, absconds administration and Dashboard see. We are covers points, for example, develop and arrange prerequisites, make and execute test sets, screen deformities, and utilize charts and reports to track the achievement of a task in a detail way, likewise incorporates, for example, data on the most proficient method to 1) Define test requirements 2) test planning 3) test execution 4) defect management. Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated.

Duration : 30 hours

Fee: 319

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Who Should Learn?

Software Testing Professionals,QA Engineers, System Analysts, Administrators


Basic knowledge of software testing.

Delivery Methodology

We are using an experiential delivering methodology that blends theoretical concepts with hands-on practical learning to ensure a holistic understanding of the subject or course.

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HP ALM For Testing

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HP ALM Introduction

  • HP ALM Product Review
  • HP ALM History
  • Architecture of HP ALM
  • HP ALM Editions
  • HP ALM Edition Features
  • HP ALM Installation
  • HP ALM Roles
  • HP ALM Workflow

HP ALM Management Module

  • Release and Cycles Overview
  • How to use Release and Cycles
  • Define Milestones
  • Define Scope Item
  • Progress and Quality Check
  • Libraries Overview
  • Baselines Overview
  • Import Libraries
  • Project Planning and Tracking

HP ALM Requirements

  • Requirement Overview
  • Requirement Specification
  • Requirement Traceability
  • Requirement Coverage
  • Types of Requirement
  • Requirement Views
  • Excel Addin Installation
  • Requirement Upload to HP ALM
  • Versioning
  • Link Requirement with other Entities
  • Risk based Quality Management

HP ALM Test Plan

  • Introduction to Test Plan
  • Test Plan Specification
  • Requirement and Test Coverage
  • Test Parameters and Test Design
  • Test Configuration
  • Test case upload
  • Test Folder Structure
  • Linked Test cases to other entities
  • Filters, Versioning
  • Test Plan Views

HP ALM Test Lab

  • Introducing Test Execution
  • Test Set Specification
  • Test Instances
  • Test Run Schedules
  • Manual Test Execution
  • Automatic Test Execution
  • Live Analysis
  • Integrating External Test Execution
  • Test Runs
  • Defect Linkage

HP ALM Defects

  • Defect Overview
  • How to work with Defect in ALM
  • Defect Lifecycle
  • Defect Upload
  • Link Defects

HP ALM Dashboard

  • Introducing Dashboard Feature
  • Graphs and Dashboard
  • Project Report
  • Excel Reports
  • Business View Excel Reports
  • Live Analysis Report
  • Cross Project Reporting

HP ALM Integration

  • HP ALM Integrations -HP Tools
  • HP ALM Integration -third party tools

Introduction to HP ALM Administration

  • HP ALM Project Administration and common functionalities Overview
  • HP ALM Text Search,Automail,Script Editor
  • HP ALM Admin activities, Understand Roles, Groups, Permissions
  • Customize HP ALM Project Entities, Lists, Ovewrveiw of Workflow coding

Course Duration:22-26 Hours

Use Case

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