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Aboutsss Course:

This course will give you an insight of the complete angular structure and patterns that it will deal with and also will give a real time project training which has all the latest patterns that the design patterns and you can able to build your own front end application in patterns like MVC or MVVM

Duration : 30 hours

Fee2: 319

Job Trends

Who Should Learn?

Web Developers, Software Professionals


Prior experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Good knowledge and experience of using HTML for web application.

Understanding of Model-View-Controller (MVC) concepts.

Working knowledge of Document Object Model (DOM)

Delivery Methodology

We are using an experiential delivering methodology that blends theoretical concepts with hands-on practical learning to ensure a holistic understanding of the subject or course.

Class Delivery

Live Interactive classes with expert

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Angular basic and advance Certification online training Course

Course Overview

This course is for fledgling and expert engineer and composed in such a way who are getting into Angular need a fast method to take in its features. You can hope to see how to utilize Angular Components to make the visual part of your applications, find out about the different administrations incorporated with Angular, for example, directing an HTTP benefit, and figure out how to structure your application into Angular Modules to best sort out your code

Course Objective

The whole picture of building up an online application and has been commanding the whole web advertising by offering a streamlined and complex approach to deal with the code.Modern engineers who request quick execution and responsiveness in their web applications. This course will assist you with comprehending and ace ideas on Angular like encouraging like as TypeScript, Bootstrap Grid System, Dependency Injections, SPA, Directives, Forms, Pipes, Promises, Observable, and comprehend the testing of the Angular class.. This Angular instructional class is anything but difficult to handle and understudy will create hearty applications on any scale

Introduction to Angular

  • What is Angular?
  • Why Angular?
  • Angular 1.x vs. Angular
  • What is the SPA?
  • What is TypeScript?

Setting up Development Environment

  • Node and npm
  • VS Code
  • TypeScript configuration

Angular CLI and its commands

  • Create new app
  • Create new component
  • Create new service
  • Create new router
  • Browser Support

Creating your first Angular app

  • Creating basic application using Angular CLI
  • Angular directory structure
  • Bootstrapping
  • Deployment

Compilation and Deployment

  • JIT vs. AOT
  • Usages of Compilation techniques

Angular Architecture

  • Modules
  • Components
  • Directives

Templates and Routing

  • Templates
  • Event and data binding
  • Routing

Services, Providers and Dependency Injection

  • Services, Singleton Service
  • Providers
  • Dependency Injection

Responsive Programming

  • Life cycle hooks
  • Observables

Guards, Pipes and Decorators

  • Guards
  • Pipes
  • Decorators
  • Class decorators
  • Property decorators
  • Method decorators
  • Parameter decorators
  • Create custom decorators

Making API calls using http client


  • Setup
  • Configuration
  • TestBed

Style guide, Integration of third party library

  • Style guide
  • Prime NG
  • Introduction to i18n


  • Basic knowledge of HTML 5 and CSS
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of OOPS concepts


Use Case

Use Case 1


Benefits of Certificate

Certification demonstrates your dedication, motivation and technical knowledge on a specific platform. Having a certification shows that you not only possess comprehensive knowledge of that technology but you also care enough about your own career to spend the time and money to get the certification.

We are welcoming our Students or professionals to participate in our professional online courses. We are offering great variety of online training programs and professional courses that you can always find as desired. After the completion of training program they will receive a certificate from BISP. As a Certified professional you can apply that knowledge in your future profession and enjoy with better salaries & career prospects.

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