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Self Paced Video Based Training

BISP online low cost video based training courses make you learning simple, affordable and you can at your pace. NO traveling requires no leaves from office, no time constraints.

Live classes in all the dispersed locations of a global enterprise is a tough ask not to mention tremendously expensive since developing, delivering and ensuring attendance for such ILT training sessions can be a costly affair. You get the affordability and portability of a book and the "Watch and Learn" of having a live instructor.

Video Based Learning Advantages

Learning more in less time: Video based training solutions ensures that enterprises spend less time via these training sessions and video trainings also ensures that the retention power of the content also is quite exhaustive.

  • Video makes learning lively: Owing to the simple fact that training is offered via the visual medium it makes for very compelling content thus making even participants of the training program more enthusiastic and willing to learn.
  • Training sessions will no longer be a drag!: With video based training sessions, participants will seem eager to learn and will no longer consider training workshops as being boring.
  • External resources will no longer be required: Video based training sessions can be handled and managed in-house rendering external help or external trainers redundant.
  • Drastic reduction of training costs: Once an enterprise engages these video based training solutions, delivery costs can be dramatically reduced.