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Engagement Model

At BISP, our goal is to keep it simple and effective. Using this approach we are able to maintain transparency and provide the solution that the client wants. Our SME's are certified and multiple years of experience. Using their experience we are able to understand the challenges and resolve issues in a timely manner.We work with the clients to create an execution process while retaining the flexibility to accommodate their specific requirements.

We are committed in providing a solution that meets your expectations without hurting your budget. Our continued support on the executed work will further your confidence of engagement. Experience the difference in engaging an agile player who works with you and simulates your working environment to facilitate faster, quicker, and quality work.

Our engagement models include but are not limited to the following.


Our consultants will be onsite to provide better interaction and resource maintenance. This model gives flexibility and transparency to the client.

Onsite-Offsite mixed (Hybrid model):

Based on our experience this models works best for the clients as we provide the expertise both onsite and offsite which leads to a 24X7 high availability. This works well because our consultants convert your business requirements into technical specifications for the offsite team.


This model provides the most cost effective solution to the client while maintaining the standard of services and expertise provided by the above two models.

Irrespective of the nature of our engagement we will strive to provide you the best solutions and support so that you can focus on growing your business and not maintaining it.