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Session#1 :
  • Introduction to TIBCO Spotfire
  • Session#2:
    • Spotfire Architecutre in Detail
    • Session#3:
      • Analytics, BI with Spotfire
      • Session#4:
        • Learn about Information Links, Default Visualization & Spotfire Library
        • Session#5:
          • Use/Import Data from various Files, Excel. Use of Underlying Data Tables
          • Session#6:
            • Using an Interactive Analysis Environment
            • Session#7:
              • VISUALIZATIONS Demo: Configure and Interpret Bar Charts, Aggregations,Selectors, Multiple Scales, Visualization properties etc.
              • Session#8:
                • VISUALIZATIONS Demo: Trellis Visualizations to Subdivide Data, Create Continuous Data Groupings through Auto-Binning
                • Session#9:
                  • Configure and Interpret Line Charts, Configure and Interpret Graphical Tables
                  • Session#10:
                    • Configure and Interpret Scatter Plots, Understand Color Options and Configure Color Schemes
                    • Session#11:
                      • Configure and Interpret Tables and the Details-on-Demand Panel, Create hyperlinks to URLs within Tables
                      • Session#12:
                        • Configure and Interpret Summary Tables and Cross Tables, Include Images on Visualizations
                        • Session#13:
                          • CONFIGURE INTERACTIVITY: Drill-Down More About Data of Interest, Configure the Content of Tooltip Information Boxes
                          • Session#14:
                            • Learn How to Mark Data and What Marking Can Accomplish & Configure Multiple Markings for Different Visualizations
                            • Session#15:
                              • Create Details Visualizations, Configure Details Visualizations for Serial Drill-Down
                              • Session#16:
                                • Configure Visualizations to be Limited by Multiple Markings
                                • Session#17:
                                  • Create and Apply Different Filtering Schemes, Change Filter Types and Organize Filters.
                                  • Session#18:
                                    • Save & Export: Value of Saving Data Linked to the Source, Data Setting to Embed Data, Reload Data or Replace the Data Table, Export Data to the Library, Images to PDF or Edit Images in PowerPoint etc.
                                    • Session#19:
                                      • Administration Tasks: Preparation & Installation
                                      • Session#20:
                                        • "Configurations: Connect Spotfire Server to Spotfire Database, Configure Authentication and User Directory Modes, Create a new user and promote to role of Spotfire "
                                        • Session#21:
                                          • Administration of Spotfire: Administration Console - Users, Groups, Deployment
                                          • Session#22:
                                            • Administration of Spotfire: Logs and Diagnostics - Server Log Files, Diagnostics, Troubleshooting
                                            • Session#23:
                                              • Administration of Spotfire: Administration Manager - Users, Groups, Licenses, Preferences, Import/Export
                                              • Session#24:
                                                • Library Administration - Manage Library Content, Edit Folder Permissions, Import/Export
                                                • Session#25:
                                                  • Web Player Installation, use and interactions with Spotfire server
                                                  • Session#26:
                                                    • Advanced Configurations
                                                    • Session#27:
                                                      • Licenses, Deployment & Library Administration
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