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Salesforce Integration Online Training and course - Best Salesforce Integration Online Training Institute|On-Demand Webinar Free DEMO |BISP

Salesforce Integration online training

Salesforce Integration Training

Course Overview

In this course, students will learn how to set up Apex Integration. You will learn about the SOAP and REST APIs, the various aspects of invoking external web services from platform, creating web services from within the Apex code.

Who Should Attend

Software & app developers, CRM professionals, system admin & those looking for a career in Salesforce..

Course Objective

Integrating the different applications used by organization, helps them to achieve better consistency, operational efficiency and quality. Also as per the software development models, each application can have different layers of data, logic, presentation, security etc. and there could be a possibility that you need to integrate each layer separately as well. No matter what kind of integrating applications or software is available in the market, none of them can accomplish the complete integration single-handedly. You will have to take help of custom code to be able to receive the expected results. This course explores everything in great detail covering integration options related to your Salesforce platform and other applications.
Salesforce provides various out-of-the-box features to integrate with other applications by making use of the various native connectors, syndication feeds, various applications available on app exchange etc etc and also supports integration with custom languages such as Java,.net, PHP through the Salesforce SOAP and REST API.
The course start from very basics of integration and progresses smoothly towards the advanced level and everything in the course is explained step-by-step hands-on wherein each and every line of code is written in front of you. The course comes with lifetime access and all the future additions and updates are free for existing students.

Introduction to Salesforce Integration


  • Registering Salesforce Developers Account
  • Introduction to Platform
  • Why Integration? What are the reasons to go for Salesforce Integration ?
  • Different types of API’s used in Salesforce Integration.

Basic Concepts

  • Introduction to SOAP API
  • SOAP API Architecture.
  • Using Salesforce Provided Web services
  • Integration one Salesforce instance to another using Partner WSDL.


  • Introduction to REST API.
  • REST Integration Architecture
  • Creating REST Methods in Salesforce.
  • HTTP Request and Response Classes.
  • Generating consumer key & consumer secret used in REST API callouts.
  • Testing REST API using Chrome Extension
  • Download and Configure Eclipse
  • Configuring Connected App
  • Compiling the Required Info Together
  • Parsing JSON Response.
  • Creating POST , GET,PATCH and DELETE method.
  • Executing Code.

Salesforce Integration with External Tools

  • Integrating Salesforce with Informatica
  • Integrating Salesforce with Gmail
  • Integrating Salesforce with Gotomeeting
  • Salesforce Integration with Google Drive
Total Course Duration: 20-25 Hours
Course Id:
Course Fees:
301 USD