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*Introduction to ERP *Security Introduction *SAP Project Lifecycle *Default user-id's and clients *Creating user-id's *Overview of SAP Security (Roles and Profiles) *Authorisation concepts,transactions,authorisation objects *Introduction to Profile Generator *Introduction to Composite and derived roles *Practical exercise building roles,composite and derived *Adding Missing Authorisation Objects *System Trace and SU53 *Inactivating Authorisation objects *Creating and assigning users to roles *use of PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY *use of User Groups in Security *How SU25,SU24 and PFCG are linked *Use of se16 and S_TABU_DIS *Use of SM30 and SM31 *Continue review of Useful tables for security *Use of Compare *Use of SUIM reports *System security settings SCC4,SCC1,SE03,SE06 *Use of SE11,SE54,and security table groups *Use of SAP supplied roles *use of SUPC *Use of OSS to report and search for issues *Audit requirements *Transporting roles *Use of SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW *How to delete Roles *Use of SAP* and DDIC *USR*,AGR*,USH* Tables *Evaluation Reports RSUSR002,RSUSR040,RSUSR003 SAP-HR SECURITY *Overview of SAP-HR Security *Pre-requisites to implement HR Security *Indirect assignment of standard HR Roles to Organisational Objects *Creating structural profiles and assigning to users *Executing report in SA38 for comparing users in structural profiles BI SECURITY *Overview of Analysis Authorisations *Difference between OLTP and OLAP *Overview of infoobjects,infocubes and hierarchies *Asministrative workbench Authorisations *Report level Authorisations at infoobject,infocube and infoprovider level
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