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Oracle SOA Cloud and ICS Online Training

Oracle SOA Cloud and Integrated Cloud Services

Introduction to Cloud - Watch Preview

  • What is Cloud

  • Different types of Cloud ( IaaS, PaaS, iPaaS, SaaS)

  • Difference between On-Premise and Cloud

  • Understanding of Oracle Cloud offerings

  • Understanding of Oracle Cloud Subscription Model

Introduction to Oracle Cloud Services

  • Introduction to Oracle SOA Cloud

  • Introduction to Oracle API Manager Cloud Service

  • Introduction to Oracle Managed File Transfer

  • Introduction to Integrated Cloud Services (ICS)

Introduction and Concepts of SOA

  • Definition of SOA

  • Standards and Specifications that make SOA

  • Describe SOA Reference Architecture

  • Understanding SOA Suite 12c Product

  • Understanding Service Design Considerations and different Service Components

Understanding SOA 12c

  • List SOA 12c Components ( OSB, BPEL, Business Rules, Human Task, SCA)

  • Describe Service Components

  • Define Composite Application

  • Describing Enterprise Manager

  • Concepts of Oracle Weblogic Server

  • Introduction to Oracle Jdeveloper 12c

Concept of SOAP and REST

  • Defining a Service

  • Describing key Service Artifacts

  • Reviewing Web Service Concepts and Architecture

  • Reviewing Concepts of XML schema, XSLT and WSDL Documents

  • Defining SOAP Service

  • Defining REST Service

  • Difference between SOAP and REST Services.

Introduction and Concepts of SCA ( Service Component Architecture)

  • Explain SCA and its components

  • Defining Composite Application

  • Creating SOA Composite in Jdev

Administering Oracle SOA Cloud

  • Basics of Administrating and Monitoring the SOA Composite

  • Working with Enterprise Manager

  • Deploying, Undeploying and Testing SOA composite

  • Debugging SOA Composite

Introduction to Concepts BPEL
  • Understanding Orchestration

  • Getting Started with Oracle BPEL Process Manager

  • Overview of Oracle BPEL Process Manager Components

  • Overview of BPEL Designer Environments

  • Overview of Activities.

  • Concepts of Partner Links and Service Invocations

BPEL Concepts In-depth

  • Invoking WebServices using BPEL

  • Interaction patterns in BPEL ( Synchronous/Asynchrnous)

  • Concepts of Variables and uses in BPEL

  • Implementing Parallel flows in BPEL

  • Conditional Branching in BPEL

  • Suspending threads in BPEL

  • Manipulating and Transforming XML Data in BPEL using XSLT

  • Explaining Data Manipulation and XPath Standards

  • Explaining Adapter concepts and Framework

  • Explaining different types of Adapter

  • Implementing Adapters using BPEL

  • Debugging BPEL Processes

  • Concepts of Fault Handling in BPEL


  • Types of Adapters

  • Usage of Adapters

  • Concept of technology Adapters

  • Concept of Cloud Adapters

Human Work Flow

  • Concepts of Human Task

  • Implementing Human Task Components in SOA

Business Rules

  • Concepts of Business Rules Component

  • Implementing Business Rules Components

Oracle Service Bus ( OSB)

  • Concepts of Oracle Service Bus

  • Virtualizing Services using OSB

  • Concepts of Business and Proxy Services in OSB

  • Designing and Implementing Business and Proxy services using OSB

  • Calling Services in OSB

  • Concept of Work manager

BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

  • Concepts of BAM

  • Implementing BAM

ICS (Integrated Cloud Services)

  • Basic architecture & use case overview

  • Understanding ICS components & capabilities

  • Basic configuration workflow steps

  • Understanding ICS built-in adapters

  • Transforming data with the ICS mapper

  • Understanding content-based routing

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