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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Training

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Training

Course Overview:Natural language processing (NLP) is at the intersection of data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).NLP emphasisabout teaching machines how to understand human languages and extract meaning from text.These days’organizations are interested in NLP because NLP technologies can provide them with a broad range valuable insights and solutions that address language-related problems. This course will teach you how to use NLTK effectively. The topics include

Course Content:

Module 1 Get Started on NLP and NLTK

  • What is NLP?
  • NLP Frameworks
  • Basic Text Analysis with Python
  • What is NLTK?
  • Install NLTK

Module 2: Text Analysis with NLTK

  • Tokenize Words and Sentences
  • Stop Words
  • Regular Expression
  • Stemming
  • Lemmatizing
  • Part-of-Speech (POS) Tagging
  • Chucking

Module 3: NLTK Corpus

  • What is Corpus?
  • Popular NLTK Corpus
  • Your Own Corpus
  • Frequency Distribution

Module 4: Text Classification

  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Text Classification
  • Save and Load Model
  • Scikit Learn Classifiers
  • N-gram Models

Module 5: Word Embedding

  • What is Word Embedding
  • Word2Vec & Glove
  • CBOW and Skip-gram Models
  • Word2Vec Training with Gensim
  • Pre-trained Word2Vec Model
Module 6: Searching and DeDuplicatingUsing CNNs
  • Training the model
  • Encoding the text
  • Modeling with CNN
  • Training
  • Inference
Module 7: Chatbots Using Memory Networks
  • The Question-Answering task
  • Question-Answering datasets
  • Memory networks for Question-Answering
  • Memory network pipeline overview
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301 USD