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Mastering Calculation Manager with Essbase and Planning

Essbase and Planning Calculation Script

Course Overview

  • Essbase Calculation Overview
  • Working with If and FIX Calculation Scripts
  • Working with Member Set Function Calculation
  • Working with Boolean Function Calculation
  • Working with Relationship Function
  • Copying and Clearing Data
  • Working with Static Calculations
  • Developing Advanced Calculations
  • Database Optimization Overview
  • Optimizing Databases Through Dynamic Calculation
  • Performing Advanced Allocation

Introduction to Calculation Manager

  • Financial Management Rules
  • Calculation Manager Overview
  • Viewing Rules
  • Viewing Flow Charts
  • Printing Rules

Creating Rules and Formulas

  • Creating Rules
  • Creating Formula Components
  • Member Expressions in Calculation Statements
  • Operators, Keywords, and Functions
  • Validating Rules

Managing Rules

  • Creating and Validating Rule Sets
  • Deploying Rules
  • Managing Calculation Manager Objects
  • Managing Script

Managing Templates

  • Templates Overview
  • System Templates
  • Adding Templates to Rules
  • Creating Custom-Defined Templates
  • Saving Rules and System Templates as Custom-Defined Templates

Reducing Maintenance with Variables

  • Execution and Replacement Variables
  • Creating Variables
  • Assigning Values to Variables in Grids
  • Passing Values to Variables
  • Standard Variables for the Point of View
  • Standard Variables for Custom and ICP Dimensions
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