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QC/ALM Online Training | Best Online QC/ALM Training and certification | Best Online test management tool Quality Center Training |BISP

HP ALM Quality Center Essential Training course and tutorial

HP ALM Quality Center Web Based Online Training

HP ALM Introduction

  • HP ALM Product Review
  • HP ALM History
  • Architecture of HP ALM
  • HP ALM Editions
  • HP ALM Edition Features
  • HP ALM Installation
  • HP ALM Roles
  • HP ALM Workflow

HP ALM Management Module

  • Release and Cycles Overview
  • How to use Release and Cycles
  • Define Milestones
  • Define Scope Item
  • Progress and Quality Check
  • Libraries Overview
  • Baselines Overview
  • Import Libraries
  • Project Planning and Tracking

HP ALM Requirements

  • Requirement Overview
  • Requirement Specification
  • Requirement Traceability
  • Requirement Coverage
  • Types of Requirement
  • Requirement Views
  • Excel Addin Installation
  • Requirement Upload to HP ALM
  • Versioning
  • Link Requirement with other Entities
  • Risk based Quality Management

HP ALM Test Plan

  • Introduction to Test Plan
  • Test Plan Specification
  • Requirement and Test Coverage
  • Test Parameters and Test Design
  • Test Configuration
  • Test case upload
  • Test Folder Structure
  • Linked Test cases to other entities
  • Filters, Versioning
  • Test Plan Views

HP ALM Test Lab

  • Introducing Test Execution
  • Test Set Specification
  • Test Instances
  • Test Run Schedules
  • Manual Test Execution
  • Automatic Test Execution
  • Live Analysis
  • Integrating External Test Execution
  • Test Runs
  • Defect Linkage

HP ALM Defects

  • Defect Overview
  • How to work with Defect in ALM
  • Defect Lifecycle
  • Defect Upload
  • Link Defects

HP ALM Dashboard

  • Introducing Dashboard Feature
  • Graphs and Dashboard
  • Project Report
  • Excel Reports
  • Business View Excel Reports
  • Live Analysis Report
  • Cross Project Reporting

HP ALM Integration

  • HP ALM Integrations -HP Tools
  • HP ALM Integration -third party tools

Introduction to HP ALM Administration

  • HP ALM Project Administration and common functionalities Overview
  • HP ALM Text Search,Automail,Script Editor
  • HP ALM Admin activities, Understand Roles, Groups, Permissions
  • Customize HP ALM Project Entities, Lists, Ovewrveiw of Workflow coding

Course Duration:22-26 Hours

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301 USD