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Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Overview

  • Describe the financial consolidation and close processes
  • Identify deployment use cases
  • Describe Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud related components

Data Management

  • Describe use cases for Data Management
  • Perform administration tasks: predefine system setting profiles, set up source systems, register target applications, set up drill through
  • Set up definitions for import format, locations, period mappings, category mappings
  • Perform loading data tasks: create member mappings, define data load rules, run or schedule data load rules
  • Perform batch processing - define batch, execute batch, schedule job

Consolidation Module - Dimensions

  • Explain system dimensions and pre-seeded members including requirements and restrictions - upgrade and net new for extra customs
  • Design and set up Account dimension
  • Explain Data Source dimension and guidelines for adding member hierarchies
  • Explain Consolidation dimension
  • Explain Currency dimension
  • Design and set up Entity dimension
  • Design and set up Intercompany dimension
  • Design Cash Flow reporting, FX calculations, and Currency Translation Adjustments using Movement dimension
  • Design GAAP and IFRS financial reporting using Multi-GAAP dimension

Consolidation Module - Building out a Financial Consolidation Application

  • Set up Financial Consolidation and Close security
  • Set up valid intersections for data entry and business rules
  • Create data forms
  • Execute intercompany matching reports with options
  • Manage approval process

Financial Close Manager Module

  • Set up close process
  • Manage task types and templates
  • Manage close schedules

Oracle EPM Cloud Foundation

  • Set up and configure Cloud security
  • Perform system maintenance
  • Build EPM Cloud automation routines - Job Scheduler, EPM Automate
  • Build integrations across systems and services - Integrated EPM Business Processes, REST APIs
  • Perform lifecycle management for different scenarios

Creating a FCCS Application

  • Describe the workflow for creating a Financial Consolidation and Close application
  • Create a Financial Consolidation and Close application
  • Explain application features available to be enabled
  • Design application framework (metadata and user-defined elements)
  • Design and implement importing and exporting metadata
  • Design and implement importing and exporting data

Consolidation Module - Consolidations, Eliminations and Translations

  • Describe sequence of events in consolidation process
  • Diagnose data flow of consolidation process and the role of Consolidation dimension
  • Diagnose anatomy of elimination process and the role of Intercompany dimension
  • Explain default currency translations for a multi-currency application and methods applied
  • Create translation rules to override the default translations - amounts/rates, defaults, logic
  • Diagnose anatomy of converting reporting currencies as it relates to Entity Currency and Parent Currency
  • Describe calculation status and what actions can change them

Supplemental Data Module

  • Create data sets and dimension attributes

Using Smart View

  • Explain user tasks in Smart View
  • Analyze data using ad hoc and Smart Forms

Enterprise reporting using FCCS 

  • Design reports using Reporting Web Studio
  • Previewing Reports
  • Setting Preferences
  • Printing Reports and Snapshots
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