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Product Orientation
  • FDMEE on Cloud Overview
  • Key Benefits and Features of FDMEE on Cloud
  • Processing Data Overview
  • Accessing and Navigating in FDMEE
Preparing FDMEE Integrations
  • Integration Setup Overview
  • Defining Profiles
  • Registering Target Applications
Setting Up Import Formats for File Systems
  • Import Formats Overview
  • Creating Import Formats
  • Defining Import Format Mappings
  • Skipping Lines in Import Files
  • Concatenating Fields
  • Loading Smart lists
  • Using Drivers in Import Formats
Completing the Integration Setup
  • Locations Overview
  • Adding Locations
  • Setting Location Details and Integration Options
  • Periods and Categories Overview
  • Defining Period Mappings
  • Defining Category Mappings
  • Point of View Overview
Setting Up Data Load Mappings
  • Data Load Mappings Overview
  • Defining Data Load Mappings
  • Explicit Mappings
  • Mapping Rules
  • Processing Order
  • Building Maps Externally
  • Importing Mappings
  • Sharing Mappings
Defining and Executing Data Load Rules
  • Data Load Rules Overview
  • Defining Data Load Rules for File-Based Data Loads
  • Loading Data into Multiple Periods
  • Running Data Rules and Checking Rule Status
  • Viewing Imported Data
  • Scheduling Data Load Rules
Processing Data in Data Load Workbench
  • Processing Data Overview
  • Importing Source Data
  • Validating Dimension Mappings
  • Fixing Validation Errors
  • Intersection Check Reports
  • Managing Data
  • Loading Data to Target Applications
  • Drilling Through from Target Applications
Setting Up Logic Groups
  • Creating Logic Groups
  • Mappings with Logic Accounts
  • Building One to many Mappings
Setting Up Check Rules and Check Entities
  • Check Rules and Reports Overview
  • Creating Check Rule Groups and Check Rules
  • Assigning Check Rules to Locations
  • Verifying Check Rules
  • Check Entities Overview
  • Creating Check Entity Groups
  • Verifying Consolidations
Processing Batches
  • Batch Processing Overview
  • Adding Batch Definitions
  • Defining Batch Parameters
  • Executing Batches
  • Creating and Executing Open Batches
  • Scheduling Batches
  • Executing Batch Scripts
Reporting in FDMEE
  • FDMEE Reports Overview
  • Adding Report Groups
  • Running Reports
  • Reviewing and Adding Query Definitions
  • Generating XML Files
  • Creating Report Templates
  • Adding Report Definitions
Setting Up Security
  • FDMEE Security Overview
  • Setting Up FDMEE Security
  • Defining Role, Report, and Batch Security
  • Location Security
  • Adding Groups for Location Security
FDMEE Integration with Other Source Systems
  • Fusion Cloud Integration Steps
  • Selecting Source Accounting Entities
  • On Premise FDMEE to Cloud Integration
  • Cloud to Cloud Integration

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