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Data Warehousing on Cloud with AWS Platform

Course Overview

In this course, students will learn, the learning of business intelligence (BI) and data analytics that can help you for analyzing how the real world requirement. How to prepare, analyze, report, and visualize your data.

An objective of the training/Course:

The objective of this Training is to provide an understanding on how to use some of the AWS Analytics services to model a Data Warehouse on Cloud and create analytical queries and reports using a Serverless Architecture. This training will also give an introductory insight into Cloud Computing and AWS Fundamentals, specifically for the trainees who are new to AWS infrastructure. Below are a few Services which will be covered in detail as part of this training program:

a. AWS Redshift
b. Amazon Athena
c. Amazon Quicksight
d. AWS Glue

Introduction to AWS

  • What is Cloud Computing and Why is it needed ?
  • What is Amazon Web Services ?
  • Architecture of AWS
  • Types of Services in AWS
  • AWS Pricing Overview

Amazon Redshift

  • What is Amazon Redshift?
  • Benefits and Key Features
  • Pricing Overview
  • System Overview and Architecture
  • Getting Started - Using Amazon Redshift Database
  • Designing Tables
  • Loading and Unloading Tables
  • Lab 1 - Loading data into Amazon Redshift Database from Amazon S3
  • Lab 2 - Tuning the Amazon Redshift Table Design
  • Lab 3 - Configuring WLM Queues to Improve Query Performance
  • Amazon Redshift - Best Practices
  • Managing Database Security
  • Use Cases of Using Amazon Redshift with other AWS Services

AWS Glue

  • What is AWS Glue ?
  • Key Features & Benefits
  • How does AWS Glue work?
  • Use Cases of AWS Glue

Amazon Athena

  • What is Amazon Athena ?
  • Key Features
  • Pricing Overview of Amazon Athena
  • Setting up to Execute Queries in Amazon Athena
  • Connecting to Athena Using ODBC
  • Working with Source Data - Create Database, Tables Queries etc.

Amazon Kinesis

  • What is Amazon Kinesis?
  • Key Features & Benefits
  • Amazon Kinesis Capabilities
  • How does Amazon Kinesis work?
  • Use Cases of Amazon Kinesis

Amazon QuickSight

  • What is QuickSight?
  • Why QuickSight?
  • QuickSight Features
  • QuicSight Demo

Who Should Attend?

Database architects | Database administrators | Database developers | Data analysts and scientists

Prerequisites to learn:

  • Familiar with relational databases and database design concepts
  • Fresher can also take the training

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Course Fees:
301 USD