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Cognos TM1 Online training


Examine TM1 Components

  • Understand how TM1 enables financial performance management
  • Understanding Profit Loss & Balance Sheet Statements
  • Identify the TM1 user community
  • Describe the components of TM1

Introduction to IBM Cognos TM1

  • Introduction to Cognos TM1
  • Describe the TM1 Architecture
  • Describe the TM1 Components
  • Different TM1 User Interfaces and Clients

Discussing Installation

  • Pre-requisites to Install TM1
  • Installing TM1
  • Configuring TM1

Create TM1 Servers

  • Important Files in TM1
  • Creating Servers and configuring them
  • Logon to TM1 Server and browse sample data

Create Dimensions

  • Dimensions
  • Discuss Dimension
  • Discuss Element
  • Types of Elements
  • Create dimensions manually
  • Edit dimensions
  • Using weights with elements

Build Cubes and Views

  • Discuss cubes and data points
  • Create cubes
  • Construct views of data in cubes
  • Create and use a pick list
  • Discuss virtual cubes

Turbo Integrator

  • What is Turbo Integrator
  • Create dimensions using Turbo Integrator
  • Create cubes using Turbo Integrator
  • Using attributes

Load and Maintain Data

  • Create processes to load data
  • Create a process to delete data in a cube
  • Create processes to update the model

Advanced Topics

Add Business Rules

  • Discuss a rule
  • Construct rules for elements or consolidations
  • Use functions in rules
  • Optimize rule performance
  • Discuss rules in a Rule Worksheet

Optimize Rule Performance

  • Use Skip check and Feeders
  • Employ tools to enhance rules and feeders
  • Transfer Data into Your Model Using Scripts
  • Review Advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator
  • Add a subset to a dimension
  • Use logic in scripts


  • What is Replication
  • Process of Replication
  • Handling Replications
  • Scheduling replications

Convert Currencies

  • Discuss currency challenges
  • Create currency dimension
  • Create currency cube
  • Create rules for currency conversion


  • Creating users
  • Creating Groups
  • Examine diff type of access
  • Assigning access to users and groups

Data Exploration

  • What is Data Cube
  • Viewing Data in a Cube
  • Calculating a View
  • Arranging Dimensions

Monitor Server Performance

  • Use TM1 log files
  • Dynamically monitor TM1 server threads
  • Broadcast messages to clients
  • Connect and disconnect users from a TM1 server
  • Shut down a remote TM1 server
  • TM1 Backup Plans
  • TM1 Operations Console
  • TM1 Cognos Insight
  • TM1 Performance Modeler
  • TM1 Scorecarding


  • Assignments - 15+ will be provided
  • Business Scenario - 2 will be discussed
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